Elementary ESL Class Promotes Cup of Compassion Coffee
May 2016 21

coffee_treeCup of Compassion is Compassion Corps’ exclusive line of African coffee products. The unique social enterprise was started as a response to Liberia’s struggling agricultural economy. Offering fair prices and dependable contracts with Liberian coffee farmers, Compassion Corps has sought to rebuild the coffee export business in Liberia – from the ground up.

Excitement among our farmer friends in Liberia is high and those who have tried Cup of Compassion here in the U.S. rave about it, but marketing the product on a large scale has proven to be difficult. That’s why the efforts of individuals are so important. And one particular story certainly touched our hearts!

Read an excerpt below from an article about how Beth Houck’s class participated in a project based learning assignment that not only challenged the students, but benefited the work of Compassion Corps.

IMG_0319“Take Beth Houck’s ESL class at China Grove Elementary. Recently, the group of third- through fifth-graders got to practice their language skills and widen their horizons by tackling a real world problem: marketing fair trade coffee from small farms half a world away.

It’s a project that started when Houck showed her students a video from Cup of Compassion, an organization that seeks to empower small coffee farms in Liberia. When the video was over, Houck asked her students if they’d noticed a problem the class might be able to solve…

IMG_0323It began a frenzy of research, with each child learning all he or she could about Liberia and coffee growing. They made colorful posters to place on walls all around the school – each equipped with a QR code that allowed students and teachers access to a short, informative video narrated by Houck’s class on one of Cup of Compassion’s four coffee blends.

After they advertised, it was time to bring out the samples. Houck ordered IMG_0320one of each blend, and teachers at China Grove Elementary sampled one each day. The idea is to get teachers, and other community members, to order their coffee from Cup of Compassion, which supports small farms.”

Read the full article here.

Compassion Corps sends a BIG THANK YOU to the ESL class at China Grove Elementary! You are inspiring!

Visit the Cup of Compassion website to learn more about this unique line of products that we like to call “coffee for a cause!” And take a few minutes to watch the video below, which is the same one that inspired Mrs. Houck’s class to be so proactive!

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