A Coffee Update That’s as Good as a Fresh Cup Tastes!
Jun 2014 28

A shipping container can hold nearly 20 tons of coffee beans and Compassion Corps is taking full advantage of that space with the latest batch of African farmer-direct Cup of Compassion coffee now on its way from Liberia. The shipment recently cleared for departure from the port in Monrovia and is currently en route to a harbor in Newark, NJ, where it will be inspected before being transported down to Chester, PA, for roasting, packaging and preparation for order fulfillment.

Many Cup of Compassion enthusiasts have already taken the opportunity to pre-register for their monthly coffee membership service via our new coffee website, CupofCompassionCoffee.com. First month’s fulfillment will be sent to those individuals by the end of June. Others are invited to get online and let us liberia_light_labelknow that you’d like to be a recipient of monthly deliveries of these delicious Liberian blends. And did you know that by early July, there will now be 3 varieties to choose from?!


The reviews were positive across the board when Compassion Corps introduced Justice Java in the spring of 2013. And when our new dark roast, Promise Perk, made its debut at the 2014 Golf for Compassion’s evening banquet event, taste tasters were nothing short of impressed. Now Compassion Corps is at it again and this time, our aim is to please those coffee lovers who prefer a lighter roast. We’ve arranged for our experienced roaster to take our truly unique all-African blend and create the most delicious light to medium roast coffee you could imagine!

Liberia Light will officially launch as our third product variety in July of 2014.


1. Get 2 bags of premium African coffee (blends of your choice), delivered to your door

2. Provide jobs and incomes for farmers and workers in rural Liberian communities

3. Help Compassion Corps create a sustainable source of revenue to pour into projects that are making a difference for thousands in Africa

Why wait? Pre-register for your Cup of Compassion monthly coffee membership today!

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