Gail was born and raised in New Castle, Delaware, and it is where she still resides. She attended Liberty Baptist College, now Liberty University, on a softball scholarship and graduated in 1984 with a degree in physical education. Upon graduation, she worked for a private school for 13 years, teaching and coaching.  It was during these years that she went on her first short-term trip to Costa Rica.  Shortly after traveling to South America, she left private education and began her teaching tenure in the public school system of Delaware. She is currently a full-time teacher in the Colonial School District, having completed her Master’s Degree in special education in 2000.  She has also taken on  a second teaching position in the Adult Education Program for the Red Clay Consolidated School District. She is quite busy working two jobs, both day and evening, but enjoys every minute.

Gail’s house contains 3 adult children and two dogs, (who are often referred to as her “2 best friends”). She looks forward to traveling with Compassion Corps and using her experience to help train African teachers who are eager to acquire teaching skills.  Her love for learning is contagious as she encourages them, and her phys ed background has been a huge asset in programs with children, both in Liberia and Morocco. She has a strong sense of adventure and is excited to see where God will lead her during the next half of her life.


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