Alexandra Archer, nicknamed Lexie, is a constant source of encouragement to our Compassion Corps staff team through her diligent, behind the scenes research and thoughtful, ever-cheerful administrative assistance.

Growing up in South Carolina, she now finds herself in Drexel Hill, PA, where she resides with Jeff,  her husband of five years, their 1-year-old daughter, Addison, and their seven-year-old yellow lab. Since childhood, Lexie has had a compelling desire to help others, believing that contributing to society is a privilege and significant responsibility. Volunteering since high school at health agencies, day cares, mental health facilities, senior citizens homes, animal shelters, and various other organizations, Lexie enjoys being involved in the community.  In graduating from Penn State with a BSN and Bachelor’s in Psychology she prepared herself extremely well for her future career as a nurse, but even while in school full-time she found many ways to serve others. Lexie enjoyed being a service learning coordinator, organizing and facilitating campus-wide service projects and events.  She also was trained as an HIV/AIDS lab test technician and counselor at the campus infirmary, while conducting research for the neuro-psychology department.

Lexie has been a registered nurse in critical care since 2008 and has felt privileged to work in a socio-economically and culturally diverse urban population outside of Philadelphia. Joining Compassion Corps in January 2010, Lexie took on the vital role of “Development Associate”, basically helping to “make happen” the many events and development goals of the agency. She helped to manage several of our 5K runs, and now serves as Chairperson of Compassion Corps’ Orphan Day 5K, a major fundraiser and community outreach event. Having a desire and passion to help others both locally and internationally, Lexie served on one of the Haiti medical teams, and she and her husband, Jeff, served together on the 2012 Morocco team. We count ourselves very blessed to have Lexie’s thoughtful, caregiver’s heart, inspiring enthusiasm, and keen leadership skills engaged in helping to manage our development efforts!

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