Lois was born and grew up in New Zealand, where she met her American husband near the end of her college education. After they were married they traveled extensively, doing a combination of mission work and freelance travel photography. They lived in 6 countries and visited about 40. While in India they felt called to go back to the USA. They settled down a little and had 3 children before heading off to Estonia for 1 1/2 years with their family, to lead a Co-mission team. They left behind their photography business and rental properties which were managed by their church while they were away. Lois continued to home school the children as she had already been doing.

Now that the children are grown, Lois has more freedom to do short term trips, and has led 3 teams to Estonia and been on 6 teams with Compassion Corps. She runs a stable where she gives riding lessons, and she plays and sings on the worship team at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church. She also does a Bible Study in a women’s prison and leads an Alpha group of international students.

About 8 years ago, Lois felt a strong calling to get involved in humanitarian work in Africa. She soon became involved with Compassion Corps, and has traveled to Morocco, Senegal and Uganda with CC short-term teams. She has served as Senegal Country Director and is now responsible for the development of Compassion Corps projects in Uganda. Her desire is to love and bless in tangible ways the neediest people in Africa and other places, and to encourage others who live in plenty to reach out their hands to the poor. Lois’s ready, generous and willing spirit and her gentle nature work together with her model character and many talents to make her a faithful servant-leader and a source of sweet encouragement to Compassion Corps staff and teams.

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