Lori has the joy of being able to work in a field that she loves.  As a pediatric physical therapist she has been able to touch the lives of children from ages birth to 21 for the last 14 years in Maryland and now in Pennsylvania.  It is one of her greatest joys to help children learn to do something that they could not yet do – to sit up, to crawl, to stand, to walk, to run…to wave hello or hug their parents for the first time.

It is this joy that led her, through a mutual friend, to respond to the need for a PT to serve on a team heading to Morocco in July of 2011. She participated on the team and can’t imagine not going back.  She has since joined the volunteer staff ranks of Compassion Corps to contribute her own advocacy efforts to help recruit more workers, in particular, other therapists.  With their various specialties, Lori hopes to mobilize these therapists who will train indigenous workers, who will then be able to offer better, more skillful care for children with disabilities.  This intentional love will impact not only children but entire families in northern Africa where sadly, the disabled and those with special needs are often neglected. How meaningful it has been for Lori to help give children a chance to sit, crawl, walk and stand, to talk and communicate, to help take care of themselves and contribute to their families…and now she is positioned to engage others in this vital work in Africa.

Lori lives in Drexel Hill, happy to be so near to dear childhood friends and family. Compassion Corps is thrilled to have her on our team!


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