Michael was born in Giza, Egypt, and immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1972. After living in New York City and several other places throughout the Northeast, his family finally settled down in Media, PA. He became a naturalized citizen through his parents in 1977, and went on to major in sociology at Excelsior College in New York State.

Michael felt a debt of gratitude to the United States for the liberty, opportunity, and prosperity it had shown his family. He joined the United States Army in 1989 and has now been serving for over 21 years.  He is a combat veteran with an immaculate record, twice awarded the Army’s prestigious Meritorious Service Medal and six times awarded the Army Commendation Medal. He is currently an active duty member of the Army National Guard and is a regional supervisor for recruiting activities in southern New Jersey.

Michael speaks three languages and has lived in both the Middle East and in Europe. Because his father worked in the airlines industry and through numerous opportunities in the military, he was able to travel throughout much of the world.  Although deeply enjoying getting to know people of all cultures during his travels, his heart has always been set on helping those in Arab nations. Having seen the need in those countries firsthand, he decided to pursue what he felt was his calling…

Through a pleasantly unusual series of events, Michael found himself at the doorstep of Compassion Corps, signing up to join a team headed to serve in Africa. When Compassion Corps leadership observed Michael in action as he served teachers and children, trained leaders and youth, and contributed to research efforts in community development, they agreed that he would be an invaluable asset to the CC staff team. With his heart for the Arab peoples and fluency in the Arabic language, Michael’s contribution  will greatly help develop Compassion Corps’  initiatives and partnerships in Northern Africa.

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