An Exciting Liberia Update: Coffee & Construction!
May 2014 12

If you’ve been following Compassion Corps’ work over the past year or so, you may have noticed that a couple of our major projects are currently happening in Liberia. Last spring, we announced plans to launch a coffee enterprise called Cup of Compassion and our first batch of beans came from none other than Liberia’s own fertile coffee cherry farms in the northern part of the country. Not far from the capital, another of our other major initiatives is making an impact for nearly 70 orphans and their mother, Martha. It’s there in White Plains that we’re building a brand new home for these children through a fundraising campaign we started last fall.

In April, when several Compassion Corps staff members and volunteers returned from a short term trip to Liberia, we got the full scoop on all the details and updates on these projects…

Cup of Compassion

At our 2nd annual golf event and banquet, we were able to announce and sample out a brand new blend – a dark roast called Promise Perk! The response was very favorable and we’re so glad to know that you all love this strong, smooth blend as much as we do.

As Liberian farmers worked hard to pick, process and prepare their coffee cherries for purchase by Compassion Corps, our coffee field reps were busy making rounds to pay the farmers and check on the coffee_site_imageprogress of the work. In port, still in Liberia, is a shipping container full of green coffee beans – 19 tons worth! These are the fruit of the harvest over the past couple of months and this container is scheduled to ship soon. That means lots and lots of Justice Java and Promise Perk will be coming your way soon!

An exciting new aspect of the coffee adventure is the launching of the brand new website for Cup of Compassion. Still in it’s pre-launch phase, eager customers are actually able to use the site right now to pre-register for their monthly coffee membership. Check it out! And stay tuned for further details and the announcement of when deliveries will begin.

Martha’s New Home

Through the faithful donations of many and a few very generous gifts, God is providing in special ways for this project. In December, our Philadelphia Boys Choir Christmas Concert raised enough to get the first phase of building started and when our team went over in April, the foundations for both the girls’ and boys’ dorms were already laid!

On the site in Liberia, our partners are drawing up construction plans and collecting building supplies. It’s a work in progress and an exciting one at that!


Update: we’ve received even more pictures from our partners as the building work continues to progress…


In the meantime, we’ve asked schools, churches and other organizations to take up the cause of raising money for bricks. The building work has moved into high gear now as the rainy season has come upon them especially early this year, with torrential rains making the work much more challenging. And, if you remember from our previous updates, the lease at the guest house where the kids are currently living runs out in July. That’s just a few short months away. Consider how you can help us raise the final funds necessary to complete this project in a timely manner and see these kids moved into their new home, safe and dry!

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