Celebrating Successes, Looking Ahead & Never Forgetting Where We Came From
May 2014 13

Just a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to host yet another fun and memorable event – our 2nd annual Golf for Compassion and Cup of Compassion evening banquet. The first-class experience, which took place at the beautiful Penn Oaks golf club in West Chester, was a huge success and from a fundraising perspective, was certainly an accomplishment to be proud of.

IMG_1309As we look back, we’re reminded that successes like these are the result of the effort of a bigger team (the CORPS). Years of investment, hours of planning, lots of prayer and the energy of many willing individuals all go into the pot every time Compassion Corps cooks up another successful event or project. It’s exciting!

We can’t help but celebrate…and it’s YOU we’re celebrating.

We can’t help but be filled with pride and excitement…and YOU are the ones who we’re excited about.

We can’t help but thank God…and we’re thanking Him for YOU!

Remembering Our Beginnings

This April marked the 10-year anniversary of our founders’ first steps of compassionate work in Africa! What a wonderful decade it has been – full of the many adventures that are characteristic of serving God in general and of working in Africa specifically! When we look back and remember that this CORPS was conceived as Jan Bean and Beth McMillen saw firsthand the great needs in northern Africa and began to recruit just a small group of individuals who shared their concerns and stepped out in faith to act, we are overwhelmed at where 10 years has brought us!

A corps is only a corps if it is together, committed and strong. This organization exemplifies those qualities and is truly living up to its name – and it is because God has surrounded us with amazing people like YOU who support these projects, care for our partners, pray for this work, travel with us & walk with us through the amazing journey that has been Compassion Corps’ existence thus far.

We can’t wait to find out what the next 10 years have in store!

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead with a very practical perspective, we can outline a few major action steps that may help you figure out where you can continue to plug in and get involved. Consider partnering with us by doing any one (or more) of the following:check_mark




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