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“One would give generous alms if one had the eyes to see the beauty of a cupped receiving hand.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Time magazine (Vol. 173, No. 16) recently ran a cover story about the “New Frugality” in which it was stated, “A consumer culture invites us to want more than we can ever have, a culture of thrift invites us to be grateful for whatever we can get.”  All of us, in some way or the other, have been affected by the economic crisis that has gripped the US.  Yet in the midst of it, Compassion Corps has been truly overjoyed to see continued acts of generosity toward those in Africa who suffer so much more than we do.  On our recent trip to Mali, we stood in the middle of a village where the sand was so hot it burned our feet even through our shoes.  This village has no source of water and women must walk over an hour to another village to get the water their family so desperately needs.  All told they spend 25% of their day just retrieving water.  These kinds of experiences help us to keep our own “needs” in better perspective.

What can generosity do?  Take a look!

  • 37 children in Liberia have the opportunity to be in school this semester because of scholarships purchased by many of you.
  • Also in Liberia, construction has begun on the Compassion Corps’ Children’s Center that will have an impact on 300 + children in the capital city.
  • 60 special needs children, the castoffs of their society, are being cared for by 3 teachers whose salary some of you have paid.
  • 2 wells in the Timbuktu region received a well cap & a manual pump, making life just a little bit easier for the women of these villages and helping to keep the villagers more healthy with clean water.  (I wish you could have seen their appreciative faces when we visited them a few weeks ago…their joy was overwhelming!)
  • A young man in Morocco received new prosthetic legs, & a young woman and her family are little by little building a home after being left homeless.
  • Bricks were purchased to build an elementary school at the Village of Hope in Morocco that will educate 200 children.
  • In Tunisia, children are enabled to attend school with the purchase of a bus ticket, & home-bound elderly receive vital care and provisions.
  • The 67 children of Elijah House will receive a set of clothing to replace the rags (& I literally mean rags) that they are wearing right now.

This excerpt from a letter written to some grandparents who gave the gift of bricks for the Moroccan school building to their grandchildren sweetly gets to the heart of the matter:  “I will always remember that Christmas when I opened up the card.  I have hung the picture up on my wall and pray everyday.  That out of all was the best present I got.  It really touched my heart.  I don’t know how to thank you enough for this present.”

Our prayer & hope is that this amazing generosity will continue; that even in the midst of cutting costs, people like you will increase your giving to aid those who don’t have a spigot to turn on their water, a home to protect them from the elements, enough food for even one meal a day, or a spare set of clothing, let alone a closet full of outfits.  You may have never been able to see it, firsthand, but imagine, if you can, that cupped hand receiving your gift with a depth of gratitude that spills over in hugs and tears and laughter.  Please accept our humble thanks along with theirs.  You have made a difference….let’s keep on in this noble pursuit.

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