Get to Know Our Staff: Gail Guidry
Sep 2014 03

Get to know Gail Guidry! Check out the interview below and then read her entire bio on our site.

1. How did you first learn about Compassion Corps?

I first heard of CC at my church, Brandywine Valley Baptist Church, in the spring of 2010.

2. What made you want to get involved originally?

My first trip was to Haiti, not a typical CC destination, but it was their second trip to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010.

3. What is your role on staff?

IMG_9727I am a volunteer staff member, serving as Assistant Director of the International Relations Department; I am particularly responsible for economic development projects on the field. I like to keep it simple: I go where God leads and volunteer with CC because the Lord has directed me to do this.

4. What has been your favorite aspect of/favorite memory during your experience working with Compassion Corps?

My favorite aspect of working with CC is the example of faith and living, working and serving Jesus that I get to see every time we meet.  I love doing work with CC because it never seems like “work” – it is a passion that God has put in my heart and yes, it is stressful at times, but what kind of meaningful work isn’t?  My most fond memories are of people that I have had the privilege to get close to on trips, whether they are team members or nationals in the countries where we work.

5. What is the hardest part about being a Compassion Corps volunteer?

Watching other teams go… when it’s not my turn.

6. Which project/s do you feel particularly strongly about? Why?

Right now I probably feel the strongest about the orphanage building project in White Plains, Liberia, West Africa and also the coffee enterprise. I feel the strongest about these because I have significant time and personal finance invested in these projects. I struggle with the fact that I was not able to be in Liberia for the kids’ move and the gail_babycompletion of the buildings at White plains. The Bible says wherever your treasure is there is your heart also.  Over the past 3 years, I have made 5 trips to Liberia for a total of 14 weeks…there’s my heart.

7. If you could describe Compassion Corps in one word, what would it be?


8. What is one interesting fact about you?

I’m really not that interesting…crazy, but boring.

9. Have you been overseas with Compassion Corps?  To what country(ies)?  What lasting memory do you have?


Gail with Uganda 2014 Team at the Equator

Yes, I have been to Haiti, Liberia, Morocco and this summer added Uganda to my list of CC “vacation” hot spots.
The children are what I remember about all my trips…I always go and think these kids can’t touch this heart…and they always do.  Seeing a starving kid…well if that doesn’t grab your heart, then you’d better see a cardiologist.

10. If there is one thing that you could say to others about why or how they might become involved, what would you say?

Everyone asks me why I keep going… My pat response is, “Once you go, you’ll know.”  If you’re ready to really make a difference, or if your Christian life is stagnant or needs a challenge, then take a 2 week trip with CC. I promise, once you go, you’ll know!

***Note from CC Admin:  Gail is a fulltime public school PE teacher who also teaches Adult Ed in the evenings…her generous devotion of volunteer hours to CC’s work in Africa has made a huge difference in what we have been able to accomplish. Thank you so much, Gail!

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