Apr 2010 22

A stroller you say?  Who cares about a silly stroller ~ all wheels, bulky & hard to handle.  Yes, these are true statements but let me share with you my story ~ my journey.

I’m known as a jogger’s stroller.  Not to boast, but I am a  costly accessory because of my 3 big wheels  & a nice big seat area so the child I carry can be comfortable & safe while Mom or Dad go for a jog. I was lovingly purchased for a family here in the US  & I did my job well.  We traveled many miles through parks & neighborhoods.  I sometimes was so good at what I do that the little one would be sound asleep by journey’s end. But children grow up and eventually I was benched.  The little one that had been so comfy in my seat was now much happier running on his own, so my busy days came to an end.  Until….

I was called into duty again, but not here.  My owner found out that some children in Morocco were in need of my services.  You see, in a poor village in the mountains, there is a wonderful school that is helping to give hope to children with special needs.  For a long time these kids had no chance to learn or exercise or do pretty much anything.  Now they go to school and the children and their moms are so happy. Some of the children can’t walk at all and their mommies have to carry them for several miles to get them to school.  The roads are bumpy & they get heavy snow in the winter.  So, when my owner got the request for big-wheeled  strollers that could be put into action, she heeded the call!

I took a long, uncomfortable airplane ride & was stuffed in a van for almost a whole week, driving all over the country.  But soon I ended up with the .people who would escort me to my new home & my thankful owner.  Today I carry a precious child to a place of learning & laughter & love.  What could be better than that?

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