Lori’s in Morocco: Week #3
Oct 2013 10

This post is from the journal of staff member, Lori Sheppard

Wow! This week has been one adventure after another…but I guess that is what happens when you are with a CC team!! It’s been an amazing first of two weeks with this small-but-mighty team. We began our week in Fes visiting with old friends, and making some new ones. I was especially blessed to meet a young Moroccan woman who has an amazing heart…

The Story of One Woman Making a Big Impact

Mina has a burden for the people with disabilities in her small village in the mountains. She has had 4 training sessions on some basic things, and just taken off! She treats the people right in her home; her husband and children are a huge support in her doing this. She has been working with a man who suffers from hemiplegia. After a few weeks of therapy with her, he is now able to use his arm with more range of motion and can not only shepherd his sheep more effectively, but he is playing with his children in new ways!

One woman has not had use of her right arm for (she reports) 28 years; it hung limp at her side with swelling all along her shoulder and side…but she was making the Melwi (type of bread) when I arrived at Mina’s home! The best part of all of this was the look of sheer JOY on the faces of both women. Mina is just hungry for more to do and wants new ideas for some of the children in the village who need therapy. It was truly a lovely, sweet time that we got to spend with them….and I will be going back in a few weeks to spend a couple days working more closely with them, especially with the children.

Reunited With Old Friends

I have spent the last 2 days working with the same women and (some of the) children who I met last year. These women have been near to my heart since spending a week with them in 2012…and seeing them again was a joyous occasion; there were happy dances, long hugs and kisses all around yesterday. The end of the day and our time here came way too fast. We had some good time together and did some good work with kiddos. (Wish I could post some super cute pics here….). I had coffee and chatted with the girls after the end of our day (along with Jan) about life, joy, change, and how we have to be positive. We also talked about some possibilities for future support for their center, which will be taken into further discussion and consideration in the coming months…

We’re off down the long and winding road tomorrow…off to sleep in Berber tents (just for 2 nights *gulp*) and to see some sights. Then we’ll working our way back west to the coast for the end of the week. If you missed my previous weeks’ updates, check them out here:

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And stay tuned for next week’s update…until then, a few scenic views…


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