Lori’s in Morocco: Week #4
Oct 2013 20

This post is from the journal of staff member, Lori Sheppard

It is a little bit crazy that week 4 has ended and that the team has departed to head back home already.  This time really is flying….

morocco_teamThis week has been full of inspiring stories of faith as well as lots of laughter. We have met people who have experienced miracles of protection and provision in a place where they should be persecuted. We have all been challenged to trust and be outside our comfort zones. And we have seen beauty and majesty in many forms.

Lots of Work to Be Done

We ended the (work) week with me giving a training session at a handicapped center for children on Friday afternoon. To our great surprise, we found the staff joined by staff members from a nearby town that we had visited (and where I had done some last minute consulting) earlier in the week. It was a lot of fun to see the ladies again and have them be a part of the training. It was very helpful to be able to refer bMorocco4_girlack to some of the children we had seen before to help clarify some points as well! We laughed a lot and they were wonderful with problem-solving to work my suggestions into the day to day practice of caring for children in this culture.

Plenty of Sights to See

Yesterday we travelled up the coast, stopping for breathtaking photos of the sea and cliffs. We also stopped in a little town called Essaouira. It is a fishing town that has been in existence since the 7th century BC, and still uses (seriously) old school fishing practices today. We were able to see them bringing in the boats and getting them onto land, cleaning them and repairing nets. It was amazing!! We spent the night in Casablanca, debriefing as a team and listening to the waves crash on to the shore.

This morning before the team departed, we were able to spend some time with a (now dear) friend here in Casa…while enjoying some Starbucks, no less! The team headed off from the airport (at time of typing this, they are surely close to landing in NYC!) and I headed back to Fes with our fantastic driver! I am typing along in the living room/parlor of friends from home who live in the city and am looking forward to a week of being with them and serving them in any way I can. I am also excited to have been morocco_goatsinvited to spend the holiday this week (Eid Kabir) with the family of our driver….this should be quite an experience and likely will be a main topic of next week’s update.

Oh…and we saw goats – in trees on cliffs!!!

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