Lori’s in Morocco: Week #8
Nov 2013 19

This post is from the journal of staff member, Lori Sheppard

Unbelievable.  Week 8 has come to an end.  Two weeks left to go.  My head and my heart are so full – I’m not sure I can take it!!!

This week began in Nador, with a little uncertainty as to the schedule in the center. There were 2 holidays this past week: the Muslim New Year (it’s the year 1434 or 1435…got conflicting answers) and the anniversary of the Green March (the peaceful march to claim part of the Western Sahara as part of Morocco.  It’s a touchy/political morocco_child8subject in the area I visited early on). We were not sure what days the people of Morocco would be celebrating (this often happens: no one knows until it is announced), so we were unsure as to what days the center would be open.

The end result was that we were open on Monday and closed Tuesday/Wednesday.  Monday I consulted and trained in situ as the kiddos were being treated. On Tuesday, the ladies came in for a short training in the morning, including a demo treatment and then a short lecture/discussion. It was really encouraging and fun for all of us.


Wednesday I traveled with a couple of the Nador team members to Rabat and was privileged to attend part of the GMA annual conference. (Gateway Medical Alliance is a non-profit that provides medical supplies/assistance/etc here in Morocco, and many of the centers that I have visited are linked to GMA.). It was a good time to get to know some new folks and to reunite with many of the hosts/friends I have met along the way.

Coming to a Close…

This weekend has been full of spending time with people and enjoying the city. I will be based from here for the remainder of the trip (only 2 weeks left!!!). Heading to Larache for the first couple days, and then possibly a center nearby later in the week if there is a need. After that, the last week is going to be spent with a friend who came to Morocco with us as part of our team last April and was excited to return. We will do a combination of getting to know some key people and getting more familar with the area. More to come next week…

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