Lori’s in Morocco: Week #9
Nov 2013 19

This post is from the journal of staff member, Lori Sheppard

Week 9 has come to a close. It has been a great week, with busy times as well as sweet times of reflection and conversation.

The week began with two days of training in a little town north of Rabat (also on the coast).  It was full of fun, laughter and lots of good questions/training opportunities. The center just has an air of playfulness-with the kids, the ladies and the parents. We had a blast.

A Change of Plans is Sometimes a Blessing in Disguise

morocco_child_9The plan was to be at the center for the whole week, but the translator (and consequently, my accommodations) ended up not being available for the week at all. So, I have been staying in Rabat at the GMA guesthouse. I rode back and forth from Rabat to the center (about a 1.5hr drive each way). This ended up being a really good time to talk with others who are living here and are involved with GMA.

From Wednesday on this week, I was able to spend much of my time with the crew who run GMA, as the guest house is really their house while they are here. It has been a good few days of discussion and reflection. Although, despite having time to reflect, I think it is safe to say that I have only begun to scratch the surface of this trip!

morocco_map9Finishing Up and Heading Home

My hosts left today to go back to the states; I am enjoying a sunny day of getting laundry done and waiting until tomorrow, which is when Andrea arrives! Andrea was on our last CC trip to Morocco. She is a personal trainer with the travel bug and was really excited to come back! We will be doing a little work in a center in Sale (just across the river) and exploring the region a bit…this last week will include a bit more free time, and then we will head home on Saturday.

I am looking forward to getting home and seeing family and friends. The photo editing and assembling of the Morocco 2013 photo book will commence upon arrival (maybe after a brief rest…).

Until then…

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