Morocco 2015: The Message Shines On
May 2015 26

“If we want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” – Mother Teresa

Compassion Corps is dedicated to the work of loving and serving our African friends, and part of that mission is accomplished through the sending of short term teams. The dedicated work that is offerred during those weeks and the sweet friendships that are kindled in the process are the oil that is needed to keep the lamp burning. The lamp shines forth an important message:

We care.

Photo Apr 09, 3 04 43 AMIn North African Muslim countries, this message is the one that breaks down walls of prejudice and builds the foundation for love and trust to grow. Ministry is effective in an environment of mutual respect and understanding…an environment that depends on both parties, working together for a common good.

In Morocco specifically, training in special needs centers has been an effective vehicle for building these bridges for ministry, and also for providing practical help to fill a major need.

This year, our Morocco team traveled in the spring and consisted of 3 pediatric physical therapists (one of whom is a volunteer staff member of CC), and 2 other dedicated CC staff/board members. The goal of the trip was to work alongside of our experienced field partners in Morocco to provide much needed assistance for therapy centers for children with disabilities throughout the country.

On Overview of the Trip:

  • Photo Apr 06, 10 06 24 AMOn arrival to Casablanca, our flight was delayed, but we were able to still accomplish some important tasks there. We had meetings with partners and conducted a planning session with a woman who is setting up a center in her small village.
  • Our next stop, a city on the coast, was a new location for Compassion Corps work. We spent 2 days consulting on children and offering suggestions to the ladies who function as therapists there. It was a rewarding time and our hosts could not have been more amazing!
  • In a large city in the southern part of the country, we connected with an old friend and together, we worked in a homeless shelter for girls over the course of two days.
  • In the little village of Demnate we settled into the routine of consulting and treating kids, but also helped to offer programs for older individuals with disabilities (mental and physical), including handcraft related actiPhoto Apr 06, 7 29 14 AMvities, such as making jewelry, candles, sewing, etc. The center there plans to sell these items to raise money for the association.

An Average Day:

Our days were very busy. Each morning, each of us saw 2 children per hour as we worked alongside the therapist there to provide consultations, offer suggestions, and answer specific questions. In the afternoon, we met as a large group to discuss any issues or teaching points that had come up in the morning sessions. The best part of the afternoons was getting the center’s functioning therapists to think outside of the box and PLAY. They got to see how children can enjoy their therapy sessions and make progress in the process. We were also able to help the ladies working as speech therapists at this center, affirming all of the activities they were already doing, and showing them how to incorporate some movement into their sessions as well.

Photo Apr 12, 3 50 23 AMA Highlight of the Trip:

Not far from Demnate, are the Cascades d’Ouzoud. During the year, this incredible waterfall is not visible, but at the end of the rainy season and with the snow melting on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains, it is a sight to behold. We spent the better part of one day exploring along the top of the falls and hiked down all the way to the bottom, enjoying the monkeys and scenery along the way. Lunch on the way back up made the climb much easier!

Our Prayer for Morocco

There is an old Moroccan proverb, “Drop by drop the river fills up.” Although it might be used to encourage us to save our pennies or to admonish us not to discourage others by constant nagging, the saying also is a reminder for us of the importance of steady and faithful service in this very spiritually dry land. Compassion Corps has been taking teams to Morocco now for over ten years,Morocco Team 07 at falls and on nearly every trip, we visit one of the country’s rare waterfalls. One of our favorites, the Sources of the Oum Rbia (the “mother of rivers”), has virtually dried up for lack of rainfall in the country, which has experienced 15 years of drought out of the past 20 years.
Please join us in praying for the beautiful people of Morocco, for much-needed rain for their land, and also that He would use our teams and our partners there to sprinkle steady drops of His living water upon their lives:
“Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.” Zech. 10:1

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