NEW Ebola Update: School Postponed, State of Emergency in Liberia
Sep 2014 03

Many of you have been following our updates on this devastating crisis (if you missed the previous posts, you can catch up by reading about the spread of Ebola in Liberia and how it is impacting Compassion Corps’ partners) and you’ve responded with compassion and generosity. Thanks to your help, Compassion Corps has been able to send nearly $2,000 to help our Liberian partners in their fight against Ebola, and another $1,000 will be sent this week. But there is increasing need for purchase of food for our partners’ orphan children in White Plains and Ganta. Please share this urgent request with those in your networks, and continue to do what you can.

Real News – Straight From Our Partners in Liberia

Here is a brief note that we received from Mrs. Kau Valentine concerning hardships at their orphanage and school in Ganta in light of the crisis:

“I write to extend greeting to you and all members of the team. Kindly pray for us. Things have become very difficult for us due to the closure of the borders and some major roads as a result of the ebola situation. Our main source of income is the school and every activity of school has come to a standstill until the three months state of emergency period is over. Beloved, if it is possible rally around to help us get food for the kids. All of us are fine. Our major problem is food.”

Pastor Arthur wrote, after receiving funds that we had sent to him to help supply his Community Action Against Ebola teams:

Pastor Arthur prepares to dispatch a team with supplies.
Pastor Arthur prepares to dispatch a team with supplies.

“Your intervention/support was timely because most of our supplies just got completed last weekend. Our teams will be leaving for 14 separate locations this week. One team will leave for Karnplay tomorrow to visit and distribute buckets and other essentials to 10 churches and communities, while the other teams leave on Saturday into 5 communities-Bahn, Bayleglay, Gblea, Saclepea and Beipea……Please share our gratitude and appreciation to all friends that supported this call to fight against Ebola out of our nation. Now we have a national curfew as well as the state of emergency…”

Pastor Tage has raised over $2,000 for shipment of his 40’ container of medical equipment and supplies, but another $7,000 is still needed. He has been unable to return home in late August as he had planned since airline flights have been cancelled. Concerning the work of his clinic in a Monrovia suburb (which his wife and staff have courageously kept open despite the fact that most all hospitals and clinics are closed) he wrote:

“We are in urgent need to help the Liberians in this crucial moment of the deadly Ebola and the complete breakdown of health in our beloved country, Liberia…The Clinic is still operating in the

Ruth works to keep Healthline Clinic up and running
Ruth works to keep Healthline Clinic up and running.

community and helping many people in the wake of this deadly Ebola Virus outbreak in Liberia.  Our staff at the clinic are treating patients with limited medical supplies on a daily basis, but with carefulness for fear of Ebola patients. This is due to many  appeals from the various communities in which our patients come from…”

And finally, Joseph Morris sent us updates from his UNICEF office which indicated that (as of early last week) the cumulative total of cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Liberia now stands at 1378, with total EVD-related deaths now numbering 743. He also shared that his church, Lighthouse Baptist, has been able to send out a team which has worked to create Ebola awareness in several locations, and has been able to provide preventive materials, food and medications to many in need.

Here’s How You Can Help

Please continue to pray for all of our partners as they endure these very frightful and difficult circumstances, and please do all you can to enable Compassion Corps to raise funds to help them. You can donate by selecting “Where Most Needed” and writing “Ebola Crisis” in the notes. Thanks so much.

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