Jan 2011 27

Kathy training eager Liberian teachers

A second teacher-training team will head to Liberia in June, but this time the team will also contain medical personnel. While teachers are being trained in week-long workshops to be held in Monrovia and Ganta, our medical workers will be assisting staff in a clinic in New Georgia and also in Ganta. As the needs are so critical in both areas, we are looking to form a large team. Those who have a heart to help us train school teachers in a wide variety of subjects for any age bracket are especially needed, and for the medical work, we will need doctors, nurses, therapists, techs, and pharmacists, and support workers who are always a help with crowd control, children’s ministry, women’s programs, etc. We hope to also be helping with some construction work, so experienced craftspersons and willing hands will be put to good service at an orphanage, schools and clinics.

Hundreds of patients await start of our village clinics

As always, there are supplies we will need to be able to carry out our work, and cash donations for the team are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can go to our “donate now” section and give by credit card or send a check to Compassion Corps at PO Box 103, Chester Heights PA 19017.

If you have items to donate, please contact Beth by email at                                   [email protected] Thanks for being a part of helping us send this new team to Liberia!

  • Over the counter meds
    • Tylenol
    • Advil
    • aspirin
    • anti-fungal cream
    • anti-itch cream eyedrops
    • eardrops
    • Tums
    • Neosporin
  • Financial donations for:
    • the purchase of needed prescription meds that can be bought in Liberia for a cheaper price ($2000)
    • extra suitcases that we may need to pay for ($150/bag)
    • hiring local professionals to assist us in the clinics ($25-$50 per worker, per day)
  • Items such as
    • flashlights
    • lollipops & Smarties
    • soccer balls
    • jumpropes
    • frisbees
    • bubble wands
    • rocket balloons
    • hemp & beads for making bracelets                                                                
    • new coloring books (more “general” in nature as opposed to popular American culture)
    • flip flops
    • twin sheet sets
    • children’s backpacks
    • children’s clothing
    • school supplies of all kinds
    • school textbooks & curriculum (classroom sets of books are especially desired)
    • teachers’ materials

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