News on the Coffee Crop – Live from Liberia
Feb 2014 09

Right now excitement is rippling through Lofa and Nimba counties in north Liberia as farmers rush to harvest their coffee – a product for which they’ve had no market in many years. This past week, Gail Guidry and Jan Bean, staff members at Compassion Corps, have been traveling throughout Nimba County, meeting with farmers and encouraging them to spread the word to their neighbors that Compassion Corps is eager to buy their coffee.

The Current Status

So far, over ten tons of coffee have been acquired and as soon as the cleaning process is complete, the green coffee beans will be transported to the Port of Monrovia for shipment to the ganta_on_the_roadU.S. In some cases, the coffee will have to travel 12 – 14 hours over unpaved, war torn roads before it even gets loaded into a container for shipment. After the three week journey by ocean freighter, the beans will reach port, then will be roasted and packaged by Bob Campbell, Compassion Corps’ ministry partner in Chester, PA

Coming Soon…

Over the next two weeks, Pastor John Ndorbor will be working to gather coffee from his home region of Lofa county. Farmers there are calling him around the clock, urging him to come and buy their coffee. He and Jan will be traveling there african_handssoon to establish contracts and purchase large quantities of robusta and liberica varieties.

Many tons of Liberian beans will soon be arriving in the U.S. to be roasted, packaged and sold to support indigenous, small holder farmers. This once forgotten, now freshly harvested and healthy crop will soon become the Cup of Compassion that so many of us have come to enjoy. Be on the look-out for our new batch of Justice Java to hit the market this coming spring!

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