Philadelphia Boys Choir: A Benefit Concert for Compassion Corps
Nov 2013 28

If you don’t already know the background on Martha and her 62 beautiful orphan children in White Plains, Liberia, read an overview of their story before you proceed. Because while events and festivities are wonderful and enjoyable, it is people that really matter. And it is because of these children – whose pressing need is on our hearts – that we have organized this special benefit concert for you to enjoy this Christmas season.

With the cause in mind, it only makes the excitement of an event like this all the more wonderful. We are pleased to announce that this year, The Philadelphia Boys Choir will perform a benefit concert for Compassion Corps – the proceeds from which will go directly toward building a new home for those precious 62 orphan kids!

All About the Evening

choir_coffeeThe event will take place on Sunday December 1st and will be held at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church. Doors open at 5pm and ticket holders should plan to arrive as early as possible to browse African handcrafts and silent auction items before the performance. Come do some productive, meaningful Christmas shopping and know that your money is going to a great cause!

We’ll have everything from unique African jewelry made from beautiful, ancient trade beads to wood carvings, paintings and more. And while you’re browsing, you can enjoy a sample of our newly released coffee brand, Cup of Compassion. We’ll be featuring our medium Liberian roast, Justice Java! Whole bean bags of the coffee will also be available for sale that evening. Concert tickets can be purchased at the door, but there is a discount currently running for those who wish to purchase in advance!

Purchase your $20 adult ticket here now!

(students: $15, children: $10)

All About the Choir

choir_group_leftThe Philadelphia Boys Choir has been performing internationally since the 1960’s. Their beautiful and unique sound has made their concerts highly sought after performances, especially around the holidays. The choir members (usually about 200 at any given time) are carefully selected individuals from the tri-state area. The requirements are stringent, but the honor of being a part of the esteemed tradition of the PBCC is well worth the work.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Choir’s website that describes the process required to earn that iconic red blazer:

After successfully completing the Advanced Cadet program or at the discretion of the Artistic Director, boys are invited to become candidates for the Performing Choir. They need to memorize and demonstrate proficiency on their voice part in approximately ten songs from the standard repertoire in order to earn their red blazer and become a member of the Performing Choir. Usually, candidate invitations are extended in June so that candidates have time over the summer to prepare their audition music.

We develop a varied repertoire every year that all Choir members must learn, including songs in the languages of the host countries for that years’ international concert tour. This repertoire is the basis for all performances of the Choir in a season. It consists of a combination of classical, traditional, spiritual, popular and patriotic songs, with a focus on the music of American composers.

The Artistic Director evaluates each Choir member two to four times every year for musical progress and to check if his voice has changed. Once a boy’s voice begins to naturally change, usually between the ages of 12 to 15, he is graduated from the Choir in one of two “retirement” ceremonies held during the year. He is welcome to audition for the Men’s Chorale once his voice stabilizes, which generally occurs in his late teens.

Purchase tickets here and plan to come enjoy to the sounds of the Emmy winning and Grammy nominated Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale as they help Compassion Corps get the Christmas season started right with an amazing concert to benefit the orphanage building project in Liberia. The Choir’s regular Christmas concert is $40/ticket. At our event, you can enjoy the same incredible musicianship and acclaimed performance for just half of that price! See you there!

Purchase your $20 adult ticket here now!

 (students: $15, children: $10)


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