Get to Know Our Board: Meet Randy Haynes
May 2016 31

We want you to get to know Randy Haynes! He’s served faithfully as a board member for many years and will be stepping down at the end of this year as he and his wife are moving to Florida. We are excited for them for this next chapter of their lives, but Randy will certainly be dearly missed by the Compassion Corps family. Check out the interview below and then read his entire bio on our site.

1. How did you first learn about Compassion Corps?

I was teaching at TCA with Beth when her first trip to Morocco occurred. This was the trip that opened the vision for the establishment of Compassion Corps. I remember telling Beth when she came back to TCA that I could see in her eyes that her heart was still in Morocco and that she needed to follow the vision that God was giving her.

Elementary ESL Class Promotes Cup of Compassion Coffee
May 2016 21

coffee_treeCup of Compassion is Compassion Corps’ exclusive line of African coffee products. The unique social enterprise was started as a response to Liberia’s struggling agricultural economy. Offering fair prices and dependable contracts with Liberian coffee farmers, Compassion Corps has sought to rebuild the coffee export business in Liberia – from the ground up.

Excitement among our farmer friends in Liberia is high and those who have tried Cup of Compassion here in the U.S. rave about it, but marketing the product on a large scale has proven to be difficult. That’s why the efforts of individuals are so important. And one particular story certainly touched our hearts!

Read an excerpt below from an article about how Beth Houck’s class participated in a project based learning assignment that not only challenged the students, but benefited the work of Compassion Corps.

IMG_0319“Take Beth Houck’s ESL class at China Grove Elementary. Recently, the group of third- through fifth-graders got to practice their language skills and widen their horizons by tackling a real world problem: marketing fair trade coffee from small farms half a world away.

It’s a project that started when Houck showed her students a video from Cup of Compassion, an organization that seeks to empower small coffee farms in Liberia. When the video was over, Houck asked her students if they’d noticed a problem the class might be able to solve…

IMG_0323It began a frenzy of research, with each child learning all he or she could about Liberia and coffee growing. They made colorful posters to place on walls all around the school – each equipped with a QR code that allowed students and teachers access to a short, informative video narrated by Houck’s class on one of Cup of Compassion’s four coffee blends.

After they advertised, it was time to bring out the samples. Houck ordered IMG_0320one of each blend, and teachers at China Grove Elementary sampled one each day. The idea is to get teachers, and other community members, to order their coffee from Cup of Compassion, which supports small farms.”

Read the full article here.

Compassion Corps sends a BIG THANK YOU to the ESL class at China Grove Elementary! You are inspiring!

Visit the Cup of Compassion website to learn more about this unique line of products that we like to call “coffee for a cause!” And take a few minutes to watch the video below, which is the same one that inspired Mrs. Houck’s class to be so proactive!

Fantastic Phonics Going to Eight Partner Schools in Liberia
May 2016 20

fan.phonics1Compassion Corps has been dedicated to educational initiatives in Liberia for many years now. Since the devastation of their 14 year civil war, the Liberian educational system has struggled to get back up and running effectively. The Ebola crisis added another dimension of difficulty. The teachers are willing and students are many, but resources and training are scarce. Most teachers have only a high school education, and they are eager to acquire professional development, however, such opportunities are few and usually at too great a distance for aspiring teachers to take advantage of them. Since 2010, we’ve been privileged to run teacher training sessions in many locations within Liberia for which these teachers and the Liberian Ministry of Education are truly grateful.

Auction for Africa: Putting Resources to Use Already

Just a few weeks ago, the Auction for Africa portion of this year’s Celebrate Compassion Gala raised $2,025 toward desks and curriculum for our partner schools in Liberia. We’re glad to report that these funds are already being put to use! We’ve purchased Fantastic Phonics curriculum to send with our short term team, headed to Liberia in June.

Effective Curriculum + Teacher Training = Great Results!

We’re excited about this particular curriculum because it has been tested and proven to be effective by an extensive report conducted by USAID. You can read more about the partnership between USAID and Fantastic Phonics and click on the link in the article to check out the detailed research concerning the effectiveness of this

But we know that having a solid curriculum is only half the battle. That’s why we’re sending qualified team members during the June/July trip to Liberia, who will focus on conducting teacher training in the eight partner schools where we’ll be taking the curriculum.

Thank you for helping us to equip Liberian teachers with materials and training! These are essential steps in the rebuilding process of the nation’s education system.

Celebrating YOU: A Recap on the Celebrate Compassion Gala
May 2016 19

Thanks to you, this year’s annual spring gala was a huge success. We want to extend a big thank you to all of you who volunteered, donated and attended. Your participation made it possible for us to raise $22,000 toward Compassion Corps’ work and operational needs.

Auction for Africa: The Highlight of the Night

In fact, $11,000 of that amount was raised just during the Auction for Africa portion of the evening. Attendees gave generously, time after time, as our auctioneer called out each new item being “auctioned” off. The results of the Auction for Africa are displayed in the graphic below. As you take a look, think of the thousands of lives in Liberia and Uganda that will be impacted by your generosity.


Stay tuned for updates on events coming up later this year! We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks again for “celebrating compassion” with us!

Much Needed Fire Fighting Gear Collected for Liberia
Jan 2016 25
This is the account of how Compassion Corps was privledged to play a very small part in a very big story!…

Alhaji Sacco (Al) is a Sierra Leone native, who graduated from Penn (Economic Development) and has been working locally as a member of Collingdale Fire Company. 108Recently, he organized an effort to collect used fire gear from across the Delaware Valley in
order to donate it to the national fire service of his home country.

Because of his connection with Rev. Perry Messick, friend of Compassion Corps and Collingdale Fire Company Chaplain, Al was glad to also see some of the donated gear also sent to the nearby country of Liberia. Two full barrels were packed up by Pastor Messick and were sent via the Compassion Corps delivery (paid for by First Baptist Church of Collingdale) to our partner in Liberia, John Ndorbor, who saw that P1160539they were taken to the the Liberia National Fire Service.

Most of the shipment for Liberia was donated to Collingdale Fire Department from Towamencin Fire Company, where George Siefert, Jr. is the fire chief. The gear sent in the two barrels, which was still in great shape, but had passed its usage time (code) in the USA, amounted to an estimated value of $26,900.


Check out the Daily Times news coverage of the story!

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