“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”  (Paul Ryan)

Compassion Corps is even more than a community: it is a coalition of concerned individuals. And while committed to bringing relief and economic development in Africa, our coalition is equally committed to transformational character development in the lives of Americans. Our “corps” of now more than thirty members is comprised of local volunteers and a growing network of church and civic groups.  Our team works to raise public awareness of the great physical needs of our African neighbors as we spur one another on to “become a part of the solution.”  Team members chase after these goals through gathering donated resources, creatively raising funds, serving on short-term medical, construction, or teacher-training teams, and becoming advocates in their spheres of influence.

It has been a humbling and exciting experience to see Compassion Corps grow steadily over the past eight years, after first taking shape in January, 2007.  The work started with a small group of women who met at Denny’s Restaurant to talk about Jan Bean’s vision:  to begin a grassroots compassion ministry.  Since then, through hosting countless advocacy events in the Mid-Atlantic Region and taking over 35 short-term teams to the African field, the group has matured into a comprehensive coalition, intent on making a lasting impact for good.

Back then…                      Look at us now!…

Compassion Corps’ continued growth necessitates the ongoing development, monitoring, and strengthening of partnerships, along with competent management of volunteers and short-term teams.  This requires the full- and part-time work of a few people, as well as professional development opportunities for our volunteers:

Beth McMillen:

Beth, Co-Founder of Compassion Corps in 2007, now wears many hats for our organization, working full-time as Executive Director, COO, and Short-term Teams Coordinator. She serves as general manager of our corps of volunteers both locally and on our teams, maintains ongoing relations with our African partners, monitors all international projects, and oversees all aspects of our financial management.

Jan Bean:

Having served as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Compassion Corps for ten years, Jan now contributes as Director of Development & Public Relations, and continues to serves on the Board and as President of Compassion Corps.  It is her vision that both launched and helps to sustain Compassion Corps. Jan continues to be a spokesperson for the nonprofit, and contributes to the development of our international partnerships, community development projects, and the Cup of Compassion social enterprise.

Our Amazing Volunteers:

The rest of our current staff serve as volunteers for Compassion Corps. Throughout the year, there are opportunities that arise for this committed core group to serve overseas or to get training in specific areas that will benefit the work and impact of Compassion Corps. Funds for their professional development or field service trip support is truly appreciated!

When you give towards staff support , you are contributing to the growth of Compassion Corps as well as advancing the overall mission of this organization. Thank you for making it possible for us to continue to serve!



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