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Sonia translating Suzanne's health talk on diabetes for Moroccan women

For over 25 years, Latin American workers have been investing their lives in compassionate aid work in North Africa. Their similarities in culture & heritage have allowed them to adapt easily to life in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and their passion to bring health and healing to those in need has led to countless interventions, such as the “Living Waters” project which provides wells & water systems to impoverished villages. Among the many compassionate endeavors, the work of women helping women has gone on quietly but has had huge results.

Many women of this region, particularly those in mountain or desert villages, have led lives of hardship, often denied the opportunity of schooling or advancement. Feeling called to stand with them in their plight, a handful of talented women from South & Central America have devoted themselves to helping North African women develop life & vocational skills which provide them with income & hope. For the past 5 years, Compassion Corps has been privileged to provide some of these workers with materials for handcrafts classes such as paints, wool & fabric, and we have purchased many of their finished products such as embroidered linens & bookmarks, painted magnets, and woven bags & rugs. Our teams have also assisted them by providing medical workers who have conducted health talks or clinics for their ladies’ groups or for staff & children in orphanages.

As tensions in North Africa began to intensify over the past year, more than 200 compassionate aid workers were expelled from Morocco. Many of these wonderful interventions for women, children, & villages have now come to a tragic halt. One of the pioneers of this work, serving in Morocco for over 20 years, Sonia  Acuña, saw her husband expelled and their work abruptly ended last summer. Sonia will be the special guest speaker at our Garden Party Tea on May 22nd (see information below), at which she will recount amazing stories of how gestures of love have made such a difference in breaking down barriers of hate & suspicion. We hope that many women will be able to join us to learn more about how our lives can help generate ripples of good will to greatly impact others across our world.

Sonia with some of our team members in Morocco.

Spring Garden Party:

join us for a full course tea and a sweet time for your soul!

Ladies, please plan to join us for a delightful garden party on Sunday, May 22nd, at 3pm at the home of Compassion Corps Director, Jan Bean.  A delicious full course tea will be served while we enjoy the enchanting creek-side serenade featuring lovely violin solos by Elizabeth Rohr, Concert Mistress of the Rose Tree Pops & Media Presbyterian Church’s Praise team violinist. Ellen Boyda, Compassion Corps Board member, known for her creative hospitality will be our event hostess, and our guest speaker, Sonia Acuña, a native of El Salvador, will be sharing her remarkable story of 20 years of courageous and compassionate work with women of Morocco.

Elizabeth’s violin is sure to soothe & stir our souls…

Proceeds from the event will go to the support of a special needs center for children in Morocco. For more information or to reserve tickets for the garden party, click on flyer, above.

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