The Ebola Crisis in Liberia & How Compassion Corps Can Help
Aug 2014 19

Below you will find a letter from our Executive Director, Jan Bean. In it, she describes how the Ebola virus is spreading in West Africa, how Compassion Corps’ partners and projects are affected and how you can help!…

Dear Compassionate Friends,
As I am sure that all of you know, the killer disease, Ebola, is on the move across several countries in West Africa, afflicting around 2,000 people and resulting in over 1,000 deaths in just a few short weeks. These numbers will continue to multiply exponentially unless God intervenes to stop its spread; perhaps He might choose to use many of us to help stop its devastating advance, if we are willing…

The Ebola Crisis Hits Home for Compassion Corps

This crisis is a personal one for Compassion Corps, as the disease has spread to the very locations within Liberia where our partners are located: Lofa, Bong, Nimba, & Montserrado Counties. In these counties in various degrees dependent upon where infections have been been reported, travel has been restricted, quarantines are in place, schools, clinics, and hospitals have been closed, and food supplies are quickly running out resulting in hunger and in some places, death due to starvation. Our friends are deeply concerned for their lives and that of their loved ones and their communities, yet some of them have been called upon to serve courageously and sacrificially in crisis leadership:

Pastor Arthur Wehyee and his wife, Deborah, have organized “Community Action Against Ebola”, and they are making long-distance trips with teams of nurses on motorcycle out into the bush to raise awareness and urge for preventative measures to be taken.

Deacon Joseph Morris has been appointed by UNICEF to serve on Liberia’s National Task Force to combat the spread of Ebola. He has enlisted Pastor John Ndorbor and Pastor George Wollie to serve as call alert agents to maintain a careful watch on the spread of the disease within their communities in the city of Monrovia.

Pastor John has also been monitoring the situation of his family members and that of his friends – our coffee agents – in Lofa County, which has seen a large number of Ebola cases. He is not permitted to travel there, himself, but is working by phone with his contacts to help spread the word concerning care and prevention.

Please be in prayer, especially for these, our Liberian partners, and those in their church, school, and clinic communities whom we have come to love. We have had no word yet as to how Martha and her 69 orphan children are doing, but we do know that the disease has spread very close to her home, afflicting the nearby town of Johnsonville with at least 30 deaths. There are plenty of news stories that you can search on the internet to find out more details, but here is one link with pictures that I hope will help us get a better grasp on what is facing our friends right now:

And Here’s How You Can Help:

One of our partners, Pastor Tage Swallie, is currently in Tulsa, Oklahoma, seeking to raise funds to be able to ship as quickly as possible a container of thousands of dollars’ worth of just-donated medicines and supplies back to his clinic in the Monrovia suburbs.

Pastor Arthur Wehyee has written to tell us specifically what he needs for his Community Action group in Ganta; approximately $2300 is urgently requested. This money will be used to purchase supplies like sanitizer, gloves and gas for transportation back and forth to infected areas.

Pastor Arthur explained in his letter to us requesting funds, “It’s our prayer that this will claim urgent attention. Community Action Against Ebola (CAAE) is an effort to fight against ebola that is slowy spreading and taking away lives. As a result, we are concentrating on the villages that are unreachable by government.”

Please be in prayer about their efforts, and if you feel led and are able to help with either of these specific interventions as our partners fight against the spread of Ebola in Liberia, please:

  • Go to the donation page on our website
  • Under the suggested categories, click donate next to the “Where Most Needed” tab
  • Indicate in the comments section that you would like your gift to go toward the “Ebola Crisis”

You could also send a check to Compassion Corps, PO Box 103, Chester Heights, PA, 19017, if you would prefer. Please accept our deepest thanks for anything you can do to help,

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