Uganda: Upcoming Trip Info & Supply Needs
Jun 2014 28

An update from our Uganda Country Director, Lois Wallace:

There is a Compassion Corps team going to Uganda this summer from July 23 to August 9. This is our third service trip to Uganda and each time we are blessed by the welcome and love the Ugandan people show us, and by seeing how their faith and hope in God has sustained them through very difficult times.

All About the Upcoming Trip


Our work in Uganda is characterized by a strong emphasis on medical clinics. We travel to the north, east, and southwest of the country visiting remote villages where there is a huge need for medical help. Uganda has many widows, orphans and people with no jobs who are not able to afford any sort of medical care and the country is rife with AIDS, malaria and many other diseases.

On the team this year we have 3 doctors & a med tech who will care for patients and 6 support people to run the pharmacy, do wound care, offer activities for the children, and distribute eyeglasses. One or two Ugandan nurses will be assisting the team as well. We will be taking a lot of medicines with us and purchasing more in Uganda. We would greatly appreciate donations of current meds for us to take or funds for buying them there.


Here’s What We Still Need:

  • ibuprofen
  • eyedrops
  • tums/antacids
  • cough drops
  • neosporin
  • anti itch cream
  • anti fungal cream
  • children’s tylenol
  • children’s vitamins
  • adult vitamins


*We can also use funds donated for the purpose of purchasing necessary prescription meds

Opportunities for Student Sponsorship

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe will also be updating our information on the 25 orphan children who need sponsors for school fees. If you are able to sponsor one of these at risk children we can get you their information and even take a gift to them from you. The headmistress of the school has expressed a need for computers so that the students can learn those skills and also communicate with their sponsors.

Additional Projects

One of our purposes is to meet with Compassion Corps partners to discuss the building of a medical facility in a very needy area in the north where they are still suffering from the war and abuse of Joseph Kony and associates. St Barnaba Church has donated land and had plans drawn up to build a clinic. They are asking us to raise the funds to help them build it. On this trip, we would like to take with us the additional $6,000 needed to build the foundation. Please let us know if you feel you would like to donate towards this need.

We would also like to take care packages with us for widows and village women who will be attending our teaching sessions in which we will be providing health education and practical skills for earning income. This would be a great project for a small group or Sunday school class to take on. Contact us to get details on what could be included.

Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and strength for the team as we prepare everything we need to take, as we travel, and as we serve the very poor and sick there in Uganda.

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