The Water Crisis & A Story of Hope
Jun 2013 03

As you read this, 1 billion people around the globe still do not have access to any source of improved drinking water. In other words, they are fetching and drinking surface water from contaminated streams and rivers…and they are suffering the consequences. [..]

1st Annual Golf for Compassion: A Success!
Jun 2013 03

Compassion Corps is proud to announce that our first-ever golf event fundraising initiative, Golf for Compassion, was a huge success! The event was held to benefit the overall work of Compassion Corps [..]

Jun 2013 07

Counting Down…

In late June, a 24 member team will accompany Jan and Beth on the long flight to Monrovia, Liberia. The team has spent the last several months preparing themselves for this 2-week trip, preparing supplies to take over and preparing the schedule and logistics to ensure that they can maximize their time with Compassion Corps’ partners in Liberia.

Before their return to the U.S. in July, the team plans to accomplish quite a bit. During their time in the Monrovia area, they will be helping to run a community clinic/children’s fun day, doing extensive teacher training, working on classroom projects in schools, helping Martha’s children’s home relocate to a new location, visiting a new well site, conducting technical training and helping to establish a regional inter-school competition program! In the northern region of Nimba County, projects include doing more teacher training as well as conducting tech and literature seminars at a local college, running soccer programs, starting school competition programs, continuing to research and work with coffee farmers and working with the local United Methodist Hospital.

Compassion Corps is still in need of supplies for this trip! Please consider helping us collect the following items:

  • meds & medical supplies for our outreach days at a hospital & clinic
  • bed sheets for the orphanage
  • paint brushes, hand saws and yard work tools for the projects we’ll be doing in classrooms, orphanages, & at a children’s center
  • special funds towards the work of specific projects (bedding & fencing for an orphanage, windows for a school, roofing materials for a children’s center, etc.)


Thank you for your willingness to partner with our team by donating supplies! For more details on what to donate and how to get it to us prior to our upcoming trip, please contact Beth directly at [email protected].



Love in Action in Liberia: Summer 2013
Aug 2013 06

Compassion Corps’ work originally began in Morocco, but over the years, we have had the privilege of expanding our reach and bringing on new partners in additional countries. One such country – Liberia – has become especially dear to our hearts since we began work there in 2008. [..]

A Holiday of Hunger, Healing & Hope
Aug 2013 06

A July 4th Journal Entry from Gail Guidry, Liberia 2013 team member and Compassion Corps volunteer staff member.

The phone conversation started with my daughter asking, “How was your July 4th in Liberia?” How could I explain? Would she even understand? I took a deep breath and began to tell her the story of my day…   [..]

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