Apr 2010 22

Never underestimate the power of children when they take on a powerful cause.  The students of Bradford Heights Elementary School in Downingtown, PA, have taken on the enormous task of putting a well into a village outside of Timbuktu, Mali.  Teachers, parents, & students have taken up the challenge and have committed a year to raising as much money as they can to help put a well in the village of Elbadach.  Right now the women of the village walk 2 hours in the morning to get water and 2 hours back home to get water for their families and then in the late afternoon turn around and do it again.

The children of Bradford Heights have given up their pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters, placing them into a wishing well that has been in the school since last March and they will continue their water drive until March of 2010.  They have come closer to their goal with 2 large fundraisers.  Last spring the students walked carrying water jugs just to help them understand more clearly what it might feel like to do this every single day for something as basic as a drink of water.  On November 13th, the community & students participated in an art auction with work donated by local artisans.  It was a great night as the students provided entertainment & served as hosts & hostesses.

All of us with Compassion Corps are truly thankful & encouraged by this school’s heart for those in such need.  Thank you Bradford Heights!  Keep up the good work!

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